Hello, Good Afternoon. I am Amaka from Uganda. I was in a relationship with my boyfriend of three years and I found out that he was cheating on me the whole time, and had fathered three kids outside of our relationship. In 2013, I got pregnant with his baby and that is when I discovered I had contracted HIV. I kept my pregnancy and I followed my doctor’s advice and gave birth to an HIV- negative baby boy in 2014.

I am happy for the choices that I made and I thank God for giving me a healthy and a wonderful baby after contacting this great Herbal Doctor Ohioze from a lady in uganda also who was cured of cancer by this herbalist i flew to Nigeria to meet him and also he told me what i should do and i did and i took his herbal medicine Lo and behold after a week i was completely different in my body system i rushed to my doctor and they confirmed i was negative ,since then i have not been sick or lost weight .i am so happy sir

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